Well worth watching this video. I enjoyed it. Tranquility and peace!

Urban Poetry

Trying my hand with another poetry video “Alone”.

We alone stand strong, grounded in belief, and upbringing! We show our colors to the world. Our voice is the song heard in the breeze. I hope you enjoy this poetry video “Alone”.


Alone, loneliness is
not of me.
My roots are tangled deep.
Old—Oak, standing tree,
of branches are broken,
And you’ll find new growth.

Fortunate one,
planted with morality and faith,
Sturdy, rigid solidity,
Young and old—You are beauty
to seeing eyes.

Does the wind tempt you
in its current?
Do your leaves bear color
from the earth?
Have they turned colorful within you—
Shades of color?

Standing oak tree
upon a painted hill
painted from the rising sun
and the starlight nights.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
A Free Verse Poetry.

What is Free Verse Poetry?

A piece of poetry is free of form, no metrics or…

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