Ana Watts

I wish I could still swing upside
down from the apple tree
with its branches thinner
than my skinny childhood arms

lie with my head over the edge
on a merry-go-round
spinning faster
than the speed of sound
or so it seems

all the world a blur
rushing past my eyes
except when they gaze at the skies
and day turns to night as bright
stars circulate within my skull
and I grasp with aching fingers
at so many things lost
forgotten in my mind’s
dark lumber room

until a sunbeam
unties a knot in my childhood hanky

memories become forget-me-nots
blue dew-dropped refreshed
under this second childhood’s sun

8 thoughts on “Forget-me-nots

  1. Wonderful wording-“in second childhood..”forget-me-nots has a jarmany’s love story.i heard dis word in mia’s post.dis words remind us when we are aparting from loving one.have u such experienc after arrival from KIRA.

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