Summer Solstice

15 May 2002 Pre-Rimouski 035

Kingsbrae 21.1
21 June 2017

Summer Solstice

The sun stands still,
but not the mist
that slides away
to reveal the tower
on Minister’s Island,
then gift-wraps it
in flimsy gauze,
once again.

Most sunlight today,
except where the mist
dances its seven veils,
only to remove them,
one by one.

And what of those statues,
standing nine foot tall
on the front lawn,
wrapped in green plastic,
waiting for sunshine
and the maker’s hand
to unveil them:

they too shall receive
their nec plus ultra,
like this summer solstice sun,
they shall not be moved.

Comment: Occasional poems are written for special occasions. In this case it is the unveiling of the three statues currently shrouded in green tarpaulins that stand on the front lawn of the KIRA Residence here at Kingsbrae. Occasional poems are traditionally light in content and celebrate the event, or events: here the twin events of the summer solstice and the statues’ unveiling. Solstice, incidentally, comes form the Latin sol > sun plus sistere > to stand still. It is the moment when the sun stays poised in the sky before changing it’s direction and moving, in this case, from summer back to fall and winter.

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