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Now is the time of minor triumphs:
waking to birdsong in the morning,
making it safely to the bathroom,
shaving without cutting my face,
getting in and out of the shower
with neither a slip nor a fall,
drying those parts of the body
that are now so difficult to reach,
especially between my far-off toes,
pulling my shirt over sticky patches
still damp from the shower,
negotiating each leg of my pants,
tugging the pulleys that permit
my socks to glide onto my feet,
forcing my feet into my shoes,
hobbling to the top of the stairs
and lurching down them, left
then right, one step at a time …

15 thoughts on “Triumphs

  1. There is no question … the simplest things become more and more difficult as you age. Many ‘answers’ are in material tools … stools strewn around the house, a clock to remind me to move each hour, a portable lawn chair that comes and goes with me, a toothbrush in every bathroom, all my writing and drawing implements in reach of my spot on the sofa, no socks! Jane

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    • Thanks, Tanya. I believe that the dialog we establish is very important. We think we are alone, but we aren’t. We all suffer in different ways. To suffer in solitude is a double suffering. To realize that yes, we share our sufferings is to be stronger and less isolated.

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