Bistro is a finalist, one of three, in the New Brunswick Book Award (2016) for Fiction. The photo is an older one, taken by the local newspaper in my basement in 2014, and reproduced in the paper today. Funnily enough, I am wearing the same clothes today as I was when the photo was taken three years ago. Luckily, Clare has washed them for me, on several occasions, in the interval between then and now. Thank you, Clare, for all the little things you do to keep me alive and happy. Without you, I don’t know what I’d do. This book, like all my creative work, is dedicated to you.

Bistro is available online.

12 thoughts on “Bistro

      • How nice for you, Roger! And congratulations. I admire how persistently you write, gently accumulating a body of work and the recognition it deserves. I hate to realize my own laziness next to your accomplishment but i am glad you are nearby, showing the way. Take care, dear friend. –@

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      • Thank you so much, Allison. we have come a long way together over a long period of time and I appreciate how much you have helped me, sometimes by encouraging, sometimes by just being there to listen and influence. I look forward to our next meeting. Keep well.

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      • By the way, I contacted both Meg Soric and Tanya Cliff. Both have agreed to be a guest and I’m very pleased to have them I had occasion to visit their websites and both are full of good things. Thanks Roger.

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