Frog Lake



Frogs chant spring love song from pond to ditch.
Their tunes are one note symphonies,
croaks of joy that move other frogs to ecstasy.

Boy frogs seek girl frogs, encouraging them to share
the splendours of ditch life, pond life,
in a pairing whose springtime union will employ
frog song to spawn still more singers.

There’s joy in this calling, croaking, creating;
and where there’s joy, there’s laughter, love,
happiness, light, sun, brightness, flowing water:
everything frogs associate with spring.

Every night the frowning silence of frozen stars
wings deeper into memory. Spring moonlight
swings its cheerful love lamp. Earth also sings.

7 thoughts on “Frog Lake

  1. Other one note symphonies I’ve heard of today … concrete roads that sing as you drive over them, trees that grow close and creak when the wind blows them against one another, scratching of squirrels in the attic, the middle of the night sound of a cell phone that needs charging …. none as good as spring peepers! Jane

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