This Fragile Light


This fragile light
filtering through
the early-morning mind
filled as it still is
with night’s dark
shadowy dreams
their dance demonic
or perchance angelic
as light rises and falls
in time to the chest’s
frail tidal change
the ins and outs
of life-giving breath

Bright motes these birds
at the morning feeder
feathered friends
who visit daily
known by their song
their plumage
their ups and downs
as they dazzle and spark
breaking the day open
with their chorus of joy

22 thoughts on “This Fragile Light

    • Thank you. We have about 4 more inches of snow down, but it looks as if the sun might come out today. Here’s hoping. Glad you liked the poem … we don’t often see Indigo Buntings … that one blew up from the south in a storm. he’s a ‘rare’ visitor.

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    • It’s an Indigo Bunting and blew into the yard in one of the summer storms a year ago. He is rather smashing! Lots of Blue Jays, here, and Juncos, and Chicadees, and Siskins. We had a yard full of Bohemian Waxwings last week. Five crows visit regularly. There is a family of Mourning Doves. And also a complete collection of woodpeckers: downy, hairy, and pileated .


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