New Brunswick Book Awards

It was quite the surprise, but I am very happy to see that my book of Flash Fiction Short Stories, BISTRO, is one of the three finalists in this year’s New Brunswick Book Awards, organized jointly by the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick (WFNB) and The Fiddlehead. It’s great to see that self-published books can get recognition at the highest (for me) level. Thank you to all who are involved in organizing this annual book award.

Bistro Cover.jpg

Bistro is available online at

Here’s the link to the Writers Federation of New Brunswick / Fiddlehead New Brunswick Book Awards short list page


37 thoughts on “New Brunswick Book Awards

  1. Congrats, Roger, good work. I noticed the paperback and kindle versions have slightly different titles – was that intentional? Also your link from this page would work better if it opened as a new page, so you aren’t chasing folk away from your blog. Just sayin’.

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    • I didn’t realize that the Kindle and the paperback had different titles … so it wasn’t intentional. I wonder what happened? I think Bistro was the second book I put up, so I was by no means an expert at that stage. I am not a WordPress expert either. I would love to keep people on my blog … but I don’t know how to open the link in another page … oh dear … I came very late to technology … or should I say that technology came very late to me … Thank you for the comments and the great advice. I will see what I can do about improving my blog construction technique.

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  2. Hello, my friend, Roger: I’m so proud of you, and pleased for you. While it is nice to see independently-published books meet with recognition, let us not lose sight of the fact that this book was recognized for the work of quality that envelopes it. So, only the highest level of indie books (may) get recognized. Good on ya! Chuck

    On Sat, Mar 25, 2017 at 3:02 PM, rogermoorepoetdotcom wrote:

    > rogermoorepoet posted: “Quite the surprise, but very happy to see that my > book of short stories BISTRO is one of the three finalists. It’s great to > see that self-published books can get recognition at the highest level. > Thank you. Bistro is available online at” >

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