Such a miracle:
the first steps of the cormorant’s flight
taken over water.

That first step heavy,
the second lighter,
and the third scarcely a paint brush
pocking the waves.

The need to take flight
lies deep within me.

the Spanish poet wrote,
“there are no footpaths
across life’s sea,
just a wake to show
the way you came.”

Like a ship at sea
or a seabird over the waves
I leave white water in my wake
to show where I have been.

15 thoughts on “Footpaths

  1. Love it, Roger! I’ missed out on my reader these past few months–computer problems, but working with new laptop now. I even had to install a new driver so I could get to all my stuff, but I think it’s gonna work out now. Have you finished the book? I want to order a copy when it is available–if I’m still among the living! Just saw where you visited my blog–thank you. I’m printing the posts out now to save them if my kids ever decide to read them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The last book I published was Iberian Interludes. I’ve published nothing in 2017. I have finished one poetry book I was working on and entered it in a competition. I’ll publish it after the results are out. Sorry to hear about the computer problems. I have a love-hate relationships with computers. Best wishes, Roger.

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