Sun and Moon 7


Sun and Moon 7

Old Woman weaves a crinoline from stars
she plucks roses from the void and turns them into haloes
nochebuena blossoms on the perfume of her breath

the cardinal’s song is a crimson voice hidden among leaves
mercurial in the moonlight
Old Woman coils her relentless cage

one by one the cardinal’s tunes are imprisoned
a butterfly impaled on a moonbeam
the last note of his song


6 thoughts on “Sun and Moon 7

    • You have the advantage of being able to read it in context, Tanya, as well as being able to spend time on the serialized version. I wonder how this affects your reading. You know the complete narrative sequence, yet you are trapped daily by the individual sections … interesting … I am very pleased to see that it still holds your attention across time and space.

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