In Praise of the WYPOD


In Praise of the WYPOD
(Cheryl, Jude, Judy, Julie, Rachelle)
My Other Blogging Friends

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.
I love you when together we start to write
for although you’re always out of sight,
you’re never out of mind. So many days

we’ve spent sitting at keyboards, tapping
at computer keys. Is this the way to please
each other, a choosing of words, a squeeze
of meaning into a smaller space, overlapping

metaphors and images improved in ways
we never dreamed of on our own? Each
to his or her own, we say. Yet we reach
out to each other over time and space,

not joined at hip or lip, but with energy and zest,
sailing similar seas, and trying our very best.

14 thoughts on “In Praise of the WYPOD

    • Thanks Chuck: it was a pretty spontaneous response to a prompt from Rachelle, one of the WYPOD founding members. We’ve been together online now for just over five years. We should do an article for TWUC on the persistence of the group!


    • Thanks, Judy. And yes, of course we are joined by something beyond writing. It’s been a long-term, long-distance relationship for all of us. For more than five years now … such joy and companionship.


    • I wrote this a long time ago, when challenged by Rachelle to produce just such a poem. I loved it then and have only just re-discovered it. So glad I did. So good to see you here, Julie. I hope all goes well. I’ll e-mail you.


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