Love the Sorcerer


Love the Sorcerer

“What sorcery love must be
to make such fools of men.”

There’s more to love than the magic
conjured from chemistry as eye
meets eye or flesh makes secret
contracts, body to body, in free
trade agreements that are remade,
over the dinner table, day after day.

Hands that plug in the kettle,
pour boiling water on the tea,
poach or fry the breakfast eggs,
brown the early-morning toast,
write out the weekly shopping list,
flick the switch on washer and dryer,
peg wet laundry to the outdoor line,
pack the children’s lunch boxes
and get them ready for school
day after day:
such love is truly a magician.

My cartoon speaks
not three words
but a thousand.

Ties that bind:
what more can I say?

7 thoughts on “Love the Sorcerer

  1. I had a lengthy conversation, comforting a friend whose relationship was ending (not by his choosing). At the end of it all, he said what he would miss the most were the little moments: waking up beside her, fixing meals together, curling up on opposite ends of the sofa with their books…. all these little things were more intimate than any of the other acts of love they shared. A wonderful poem, my friend!

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    • Thank you so much, Meg. It takes a sorceress to know and appreciate a sorcerer. I guess it’s only when Clare is away and I have the house to run, on my own, that I fully realize the amount of time she spends just making things function. So many people, men and women, accept so many gifts, without realizing that they are gifts and blessings. I learned to cook when I was very young and one of my gifts to my beloved is to cook for her on a regular basis. This is part of an intimate daily sharing that goes way beyond what we normally call intimacy. Alas, all too often we realize what we had only after we have lost it.

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