Thought Police


Thought Police

Why are they always men,
these blue-clad figures
who wear our dreams like badges
and stare into our eyes,
bright lights behind them,
as they check our numbers
and make us count from one to ten
and up and down again.

Be warned:
you can’t walk in the street
without seeing a curtain
flicker at a window;
unseen lips repeat your words
as they wander,
stray cats and dogs,
from house to house.

Walls have watchful eyes
and lusting ears
that clutch each wayward thought
reporting it to people
who have our best interests at heart,
or so they say.

Don’t look up
but there’s someone
leaning over you,
reading these words right now.

20 thoughts on “Thought Police

  1. Paranoia paranoia somebody is out to get me…and they are. We have given up our privacy for convenience and a false sense of security. People always say well of you haven’t done anything wrong then you don’t have anything to fear, but you do. Look at the Stasi. Great poem Roger now I am off in a paranoid fugue.

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    • Probably comes from there. It’s one of those phrases that stick in the mind. Some writers use it for the policeman who keeps correcting our grammar when we write. So: multiple origins. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  2. Well this is a disturbing idea… Although, considering the vast amounts of data mining that goes on these days, it’s almost as if our thoughts are policed. And at this point there’s no unringing that bell….


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