Don Quixote


Donkey Hotay

 Men of La Mancha

Saddle his steed
and let him ride
uphill and down.

The world is wide
enough for a knight
and his faithful squire
to find at road’s end
what they most desire.

Let him obey his vow.
Let him best portray how
a true knight,
worthy of the name,
guards from shame
his knightly honor
and his beloved’s fame.

Let no mage
despoil that Golden Age.

Onward, ever onward,
to glory and renown,
and let him once again

tilt at windmills and knock
falsehoods down.

11 thoughts on “Don Quixote

    • Thanks, Jane: how could I leave it out? There is so much more to the story though: the Bible of Humanitarianism, according to many critics and Miguel de Unamuno wrote a book entitled Our Lord Don Quixote in which he likened DQ to a Christ figure and built up a religion around him.

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    • So pleased you like it / love it. I bought this Quixote in a shop in Mexico that specialized in creating artwork from scrap metal. Everything our knight is made of is a throw away. I think he is very beautiful. I have another sculpture of him seated on the metal toe-cap of a workman’s boot!

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