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Federico García Lorca

 Solidaridad screamed out from posters and stamps
that carried snapshots of the dead poet’s face.

We still haven’t found his body.
He said we never would.

They tortured him first,
taunted him for being homosexual:
trussed him up, laid him face down,
then shot him, for a joke, in the offending area.

It didn’t take him long to die.
When he did,
his body was dumped in some way out ossuary.

But first they carved the bullets out of his corpse,
three from around the anal tract,
keeping them as souvenirs.

 Later that night, Fascists, drunk,
laughed uproariously in their favorite bars.

They dropped the bullets into their wine
and drank to the re-establishment of law and order.

 Next day his friends were put to death.

Waverers were soon convinced by bullets
lodged at the base of another’s skull …

fine arguments …

15 thoughts on “Lorca

    • Not just that we are right, but that everybody else must perish for their lack of understanding. The Spanish Civil War was brutal, as are most civil and religious wars. I guess it comes from the clash of ideas, they are easy to put down but so hard to fight. As Miguel de Unamuno said when the Senate at the University of Salamanca was invaded by the local Fascists: “Vencerán pero no convencerán / you will conquer, but you won’t convince.”

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    • It was certainly exploited in Spain, by both sides, during the Civil War. A terrifying time, by all accounts, that left deep and enduring scars of a very painful nature. I was astonished at how the bitterness was still being felt, even in 2008, the last time I was there.


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