In Absentia 5

In Absentia
The Undiscovered Self
has sat on my shelf, just gathering dust.
Written by Jung in 1956, I see from my notes
that I bought it in 1976, read it then,
and re-read it in 1985, 1987, and 2009,
all years of mini-crises.  It is on the table
before me now and finally I have time
to sit and read the pages, not speed reading
for information, but to digest them, one by one.

Time on my hands: so precious these moments
alone, with the sun filtering through the kitchen
and the autumn leaves storing up sunlight
like an old precious wine before they fall.

I sip slowly at this bottle filled with life,
knowing that my friends are there, knowing
I can call them on the phone or knock
on their doors to be greeted with warmth,
an arm round the shoulder, the offer of a meal …

but really, I prefer this solitude, my adventures
with the cat, my slow stroll, not through the autumn
woods, but through the leaves of this book.

This poem is dedicated to my good friend Judy Wearing who challenged me to write a positive poem about my experiences alone in the house looking after the cat. I would like to thank Judy for thinking of me at this time and encouraging me to be positive!

9 thoughts on “In Absentia 5

    • Thanks, Tanya. Carl Jung predicts the rise of Donald Trump, not by name, obviously, but he predicts the conditions that will make him rise. Very interesting. really like the Undiscovered Self. I’ll be back with it tonight. I did a short ‘open mike’ poetry reading this afternoon. It went well. Good to keep my voice in!

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      • I’ll watch for that. It is hard to understand the appeal of Trump to anyone. Fascism needs a cult of personality and a lot of hatred to rise. If you really listen to what he says, it is chilling.

        On a happier note, I would have loved to hear the reading!

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      • My IMac packed up on me. I will probably have to get a new computer. This time I may well get a PC with a compatible video system so I can post to the blog and be heard and seen. If I do that, I’ll post the readings … lots more readings!

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    • I have been known to respond to a challenge! Or two. Seriously, though, I am like an inverted Mozart, my black side comes out in my creativity and my joy is in my life. I am having a great time really. But I will be oh o glad when Clare comes home!

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