In Absentia 1

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In absentia



 The Beaver Pond

Tomorrow, early, my love, you’ll fly away.
Today, you’ll walk round the Beaver Pond
where red and yellow leaves abound. A thin grey

webbing garlands one dead tree. I’m not too fond
of tent worms. I hate them when they swing
from low branches. Give me a fresh green frond

caught by the morning sun in early spring
or else bright autumn leaves so soon to fall.
I love American Goldfinches when they sing

that last departing song. I love most of all
those occasional visitors: do you recall that bright
blue Indigo Bunting with his “I’m-a-lost-bird call?”

The hunting hawks give everyone a fright.
They perch on top of a garden tree
then step off into space to claw-first alight

on some poor songbird trilling away, quite free
from fear, his unfinished symphony of song.
It’s getting late, my love. You walk towards me
out of the woods. I’ll end this poem with a plea:
don’t forget me … and don’t stay away too long.

10 thoughts on “In Absentia 1

      • We used to train for one job that would last us all our lives. Today’s young people will hold down many different jobs, in most cases. Even within my own profession, I changed specialities and teaching methods … I had to evolve with the students. Or better, get ahead of them … and that’s what I tried to do. Build web-pages, constant updating and revision, no monuments cast in stone, a work or series of works that evolve as skills and talents are developed, also thought and imaginative processes. This necessitates one-on-one working and a development of understanding in the partner — I never liked the student / teacher relationship. We are all learners together. Some of us are just a little bit further down the road.

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    • Thank you, Victor. That means a lot to me. This is a new sequence. Clare left this morning for Ottawa and I am here working hard on surviving as the only human being in a household ruled by a cat. She (the cat) hasn’t yet worked out how to get the best of her human drone. I am merely a work in progress at the moment. I am sure that I will be fully and acceptably trained in all my duties by the time Clare comes back.


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