Small Corner


Small corner

 And this is the good thing,
to find your one small corner
and to have your one small candle,
then to light it, and leave it burning
its sharp bright hole in the night.

 Around you, the walls you constructed;
inside, the reduced space, the secret garden,
the Holy of Holies where roses grow
and no cold wind disturbs you.

 “Is it over here?” you ask: “Or over here?”

If you do not know, I cannot tell you.

But I will say this: turning a corner one day
you will suddenly know
that you have found a perfection
that you will seek again, in vain,
for the rest of your life.

9 thoughts on “Small Corner

  1. I think, in reading this piece, I had a glimpse of such perfection. Fortunately, for me, the words will live on forever…

    Splendid work, Roger. I’m often amazed at the depth you delve and yet the control you maintain with words….

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    • Thanks, Tanya. So glad you liked it. It comes partially from the Medieval theme of the sacred, enclosed gardens that keep out the ills of the world. I think that, at times, we all build such a garden inside ourselves and go there for refuge when we need to. I certainly know where mine is, and how to get there.

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    • “Memories are made of things like these.” I wrote the poem in Avila, back in 2005 or 6. Sitting out in the street and listening to all the church bells ringing within the walled city. A remarkable place. Celts, Romans, Jews, Arabs, Castillians …and each leaving marks of their different cultures.

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