Tomb 104, Monte Albán: Sun & Moon


Tomb 104, Monte Albán

 Crocodile wraps bat in the carved
crocodile jaws that open the doors to hell.

Cocijo clutches Owl’s feathers.
He wears a feathered headdress
as he flies on Owl’s back.

 At the back of the tomb,

a darker world hides in the shadows
beyond the finger of our flashlight:
hidden galleries,
carved and painted bones.

 Our torch
plucks faces from the dark.

 Brought back to life by our unsteady light,
shadows walk grey bristles
across cheek and jaw.

We blink like owls as we ascend
from the underground darkness.

Up here, in the false world,
the one we know and love,
our hearts sing like wild birds,
caged between red ribs.

 Above us,
the pocked skull of the moon,
bares white rabbit’s teeth.

knows that life’s only reality
lies in wait for us


2 thoughts on “Tomb 104, Monte Albán: Sun & Moon

  1. Thanks, Tanya. Just received Bistro, Empress of Ireland, and Though Lovers Be Lost from Amazon. They look good, but I’ll do some work on the cover of the Empress. Sun and Moon will be here soon. Best wishes,


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