House of Dreams 4-6 /6

“Though lovers be lost, love shall not;
and Death shall have no Dominion.”
Dylan Thomas 

House of Dreams
4-6 /6


Pressed between
the pages of my dream:

a lingering scent;

the death of last
year’s delphiniums;

 the tall tree
toppled in the yard;

 a crab apple
breaking into flower;

a shard of grass
as brittle
as a bitter tongue
at winter’s


A leaf lies down
in a broken
and fills me
with sudden silence.

I revise
our scrimshaw history
carving fresh tales:
ivory runes on new
found bones.


A vixen
hunts for my heart.

She digs deep
at midnight

the dry teeth
you buried
from my borrowed

14 thoughts on “House of Dreams 4-6 /6

    • Thanks, Tanya, and so glad you liked it. I think I like “ivory runes on new found bones”. In Oaxaca, they used the rib bones of jaguars as writing pads for the histories of famous people. I remember some new examples being found in a new dig while we were there. Quite a sensation.

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      • The runes are wonderful. Many of them have been moved to Mexico City for safe-guarding in the National Museum of Anthropology, but there are some left in Oaxaca. There are modern replicas too if I remember correctly. They also recall the wonderful scrimshaw of our own sailing and whaling ships.

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