Monet at Giverny 1-4 /16

“Though lovers be lost, love shall not;
and Death shall have no Dominion.”
Dylan Thomas 

Monet at Giverny
1-4 /16


his lily pond
a mirror shattering
shards of clouds
flames beneath the lilies
fractured fish


the executioner stripes evening
a+cross the sacrificed horizon

in blood we were born
in earth will we rest

our flesh turned to bread
empurpled this imperial wine
streaming with day’s death
these troubled waters


green footprints the lily pads
a halo
this drowned man’s beard

like the gods
he dreamed
he walked dry over water

flowering goldfish
this thin line of cloud


maples flash ruby thoughts
ripples flowing outward
as heavy as a henge

this altar tumbling
through a liquid sky

5 thoughts on “Monet at Giverny 1-4 /16

  1. Beautifully complex. ( ; I am not sure what these two lines mean: the executioner stripes evening / a cross the sacrificed horizon. Perhaps “across” ? Still, i am not sure what striping an evening means, nor why the horizon is sacrificed, or what that means. Doesn’t stop me from enjoying the poem, though. Thanks, Roger. -@


    • Interesting comment, allison … I guess I am mixing metaphors and cultures here. The executioner also whipped the criminals during the time of the Inquisition in Spain. He was called a ‘painter of flesh’ because the flesh turned red with blood under the lashes. The a cross is deliberate with several meanings tied in, including the X pattern some executioners favored. Hope that helps, though I now think it complicates rather than simplifies.


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