Monet at Giverny 5-8 /16

“Though lovers be lost, love shall not;
and Death shall have no Dominion.”
Dylan Thomas 

Monet at Giverny
5-8 /16


wisteria and his curly blue locks
Narcissus clad in an abyss of lilies
imperial his reflection and perilous

slowly he slides to sleep
merging into his imaged dream

a vaulted cathedral
his earthbound ribs
the blood space immaculate


night and day and sun and clouds
leapfrogging over water

something survives
sepia tints
dreaming on and on

exotic this sudden movement
Carassius auratus flowering


Clos Normand and the Grande Allée
closed to him now
folded his flowers
their petals tight at his nightfall

dark their colours
mourning for his mornings of light
fled far from him now


can we soften this sunstroke of brightness
le roi soleil threatening to blind us?

rey de oros
the sun glow braiding itself
an aureate palette

a susurration of leaves



12 thoughts on “Monet at Giverny 5-8 /16

    • I look forward to seeing your “big book”. I have a couple of books and a lovely diary … pristine and never written in! Sissies is a good word too. Nothing wring with that … used in an original fashion …


    • I was surprised at how often you could see Monet reflected in the water of his paintings, drifting away among the flowers and the lilies. The white of his hair turns to blue in places where he mingles with the flowers as their mirror images float in the water. Glad you like it.

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    • I never went there, I regret to say, when I was living in France. I have several books on the gardens, though, and have followed the flower year and his plantings. I saw an exhibition of his lilies at the Jeu de Paume: a semi-circular room and you stood in the middle surrounded by water lilies. It was an amazing, and unforgettable, experience.

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  1. It was lovely here as well, until the lawn men came and started up two mowing machines and all the neighborhood dogs … woofs in the hood. Glad you like it, allison; the sequence is, as you well know, one of my favorites. You have heard it read: I hope it also comes well off the page.


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