Hare and Pair

Hare and Pair
With photos


“Hare is the Lord of all he surveys and none can dispute his right … ”

Some do, mind, in spite of hare’s propaganda, for  moose, raccoon, deer, Northern Goshawks, owls, and the neighborhood dogs, though these are usually kept on a leash, all make eyes at hare as he sits there, on the edge of the lawn, seemingly unafraid.

Hare can run. He can run very fast. He thinks he is the fastest there is. So he just sits there.
“I AM the fastest,” he boasts, and none can gainsay him.

Chipmunk knows he’s not the fastest. Mind you, he’s not that slow either, over short distances. Chipmunk is fast, but he’s also very, very cautious.


“”Is the coast clear?” he asks.”I’ll just pop my head out and have a little look.”


“Coast’s clear, dear. Heave ho, and out I go.”


“No one about. Weather looks nice. I’ll just go for a little run.”


“Off I go. Won’t be long, dear.”


“I’ve found something nice, dear. Some fresh new bedding. I’ll bring it home.”


“I’m on the way, dear. Pop that kettle on. Stretching like a long dog: I’ll soon be home.”


“Oh darn it! Forgot the groceries. I’ll have to go out again.”


“Wow! Some nice little goodies stuffed in my cheeks!”


“Hello, dear. I’m back. Give us a kiss.”
“Come in then. Kettle’s boiled. We’ll have a nice cup of tea.”


It will soon be all quiet on the southern front. The chipmunks have all gone. But the hare just sits and likes to stare. So he’s still there.



If a picture tells a thousand words,
this photo essay is 12,280 words long.






8 thoughts on “Hare and Pair

  1. Thanks, Tanya. The photos were taken by Clare and she’s been out there again today: ladybirds, bees, birds, butterflies … I love her picture of the two chipmunks cuddled up at the entrance to the burrow …


  2. We had about 30 mins sun between the rain and Clare took these photos in that brief open period. The hare appeared in the garden last winter. The second chipmunk is a new visitor. Thank you for visiting.


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