Water Falls

I will leave the magic and mystery of Mexico for a moment in order to look at something that lies much closer to home: running water. New Brunswick is famous for its waterfalls. Here is the video poem I created after visiting Dickson Falls in Fundy National Park. Sometimes they are almost dry, but on the day these pictures were taken, the waters flowed in marvelous abundance. Don’t forget to click on the video link at the end of the poem. Clare took the pictures while I conjured up the words. Water Falls was published in Triage (2015).


 Water Falls

    “What is it about running water
that it explodes like long, blonde
hair over moss and rock
frothing with sunlight the diamond
sparkle, the freckling sound,
light flickering downwards,
fine threads of angel hair
tumbling from above, falling,

white, over earth’s rocky shoulders,
pillowed across soft green quilts

poured down from heaven’s skies
watering the earth’s dark throat,

sinking through the soil
emerging in rivulets and brooks
until all waters are one
and the rains join hands
to splash, rejoicing,

dryads and naiads bathing
together in deep, cool pools,
nymphs reborn, acrobats over rocks
as water falls to seek the sea.




12 thoughts on “Water Falls

  1. Such stunning photos and poem! I really enjoyed this. Sort of got transported there without leaving my computer chair :p Thank you! The video didn’t work for me either sadly. On the subject of springs, you might enjoy one of my older posts entitled Free Spring Water For All 🙂

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  2. Sorry about the video. I did it originally on a Mac and this means it’s in QuickTime: Mac supported but not PC friendly anymore. I’ll try and convert then re-load the video. Perhaps I’ll put some more photos up in lieu of the voice/vision failure!


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