Rainbow Flower & Pot

Rainbow Flower and Pot

Finley has decided, quite rightly, that what she wants to paint, draw, or colour, is much more important than any of the page prompts in the drawing book I got her. That said, this could easily be a comic book cover – or the cover photo of my next book.

“I want to see the world again through the eyes of a little child” – Picasso. The gift of so doing is precious.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Flower & Pot

  1. very special moments in life and we forget what they remember, Emilie spoke last week about how I told her that going to the library with my dad was the highlight of the week. We talked about the old fashioned library cards which the librarian stamped with the due date and this now was done by an automatic scanner which doesnt converse about your choice of book or whether you enjoyed it or the converse when it did nothing for you! The transaction is more efficient but poorer

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    • Even more special after a three year Covid absence, from 4-7. These moments are so special – as you well know. As for life’s changes, well, things ain’t what they used to be. I’ll send you a copy of Septets for the End of Time. Big hugs and lots of love for you and the family.


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