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Flocks of colored passerines flying up
and down cracked tarmac roads, this way and that.
Spring songs fill the highway’s grey-black throat
with noise and color. Songs? Coarse the engine
growl, the grinding gears, the rattle and roar
of ten-wheeler trucks, dust and stones pinging
off the windshields and hoods of passing cars.

Noisy, smelly, dusty, yet welcome spring
visitors, predicting new building sites,
foretelling fresh human nests, promising
an end to winter’s frost, snow and ice, with
the assurance of warmer weather to come,
days longer, nights shorter, holidays at hand,
and a finish to the pothole season.

5 thoughts on “Trucks

  1. That photo reminds me of the day my husband was several hours late getting home from work. When he finally arrived I told him I was about to call the police to see if there had been an accident and he told me they could have told me where he was. He bought several tons of salvage metal beams from someone, loaded them on a pickup truck and was driving home with them weighing the back of the truck down when he was pulled over by the state police for blocking the road and driving too slow. Not sure how he did it but they didn’t give him a ticket and they actually went ahead and directed traffic until he was off the main highway. I’m not sure the springs in that pickup were any good at all after that night, but he had his steel beams for whatever he had thought he needed, and he was ready to eat dinner at almost midnight. It never bothered him that it would be dried out from my effort to keep it warm and he would eat it like he enjoyed it. I’ve also seen bridges blocked by whatever it is on the truck in the photo. That takes a lot longer to clear than a slow moving pickup


  2. Great poem, Roger. I’ve lived my entire life in an area where the trucks run around the clock. One of my friends here was a truck driver at one time, one of many ladies doing the long haul. I’m going to show this one to her. I think she will enjoy it. Around here though, the trucks have 18 wheels. And my older son pulled his small pickup out in front of one several years ago. Bumper of 18 wheeler hooked inside the driver’s side window, lifting my sons truck enough to keep him from injury. That was a call no mom ever wants to receive on a saturday night.
    My best to Clare!

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