Q & A

The Street of Life and Death

Q & A

“What is this sound?”
It is your own death sighing,
groaning, growing
while you wait for it
to devour you.

“What is this feeling”
It is the itch of your own skin
wrinkling and shrinking,
preparing to wrap you
in the last clothes you’ll wear.

“What is this taste?”
It is the taste of your life,
bottled like summer wine
once sweet tasting,
now turning to vinegar.

“What is this smell?”
It is waste and decay,
the loss of all you knew
and of all that knew you.

“That carriage outside?”
It is the dark hearse
come to carry you
to your everlasting home.

4 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. Wow, Roger. Just. Wow.

    Recognizing our own mortality, and understanding its inevitability, helps us to face that mortality and greet it sensibly when it comes knocking…finally…at our door.

    Hello, my friend.


    • Hi Pearl:
      I have been a bit slow with my blogging recently as I am working on two other projects and have
      suspended my own online activities while engaged elsewhere. One of them is a poetry book called
      All Abut Ageing (in an age of pandemic). This is one of the final poems from that sequence. I am on
      the third set of revisions now. A long slow but very worthwhile process. I suppose it is ‘coming to
      terms with the inevitable” and the pandemic seems somehow to have brought everything
      that little bit closer. Another project I have just completed and published is Lamentations for Holy
      Week, a meditation along the lines of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.
      Thanks for visiting and all best wishes.

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      • Hello Roger

        Time seems to fly by so much faster than it used – here it is October’s end already! Since my last laptop crashed, I’m online only intermittently, myself, so sorry for not acknowledging your response sooner.

        Please do let me know when your new All about Ageing is available! Have so loved your work these past 5 yrs or so…it seems I’ve known you for 10!!
        And is your “Lamentations…” available through Amazon as well?

        I do hope you and yours are all keeping, Roger 🙏🏻

        ALL of the best ~ Pearl


      • Hi Pearl, I have been wondering about you, and worrying. Glad to know the laptop is an issue, not all the other worries that now besiege us. I’ll email you e-texts of Lamentations and Ageing. The latter is still unfinished, but it is very close to be completed. Look after yourself and keep safe and keep well, Roger.

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