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When creative artists get together they talk and walk and hug and hold and discuss so many things, like how the creative spirit can inflate the body and send it soaring like a trial balloon, how listeners can be swept away by a magic vortex of voice, and how time and space can be suspended in the glories of creation that spin a web of forgetfulness around us and makes us disregard who and what we are as we forge new worlds.
Dark earth-spirits of love, want, and creation, hold us captive and drive us onward and inward until we give birth to that which was waiting patiently to be born, even though we never knew that the seed had been planted. “What is this?” we ask as we survey the new-born entity fresh on the page, held in the hands, suddenly full of life and breathing on its own, a thing of beauty, an essential being. It makes complete sense as we struggle to hold it as it grows and transforms from internally ours to eternally theirs, a product of our mind and body now belonging no longer to us but to the world beyond us.
We long to know its fate, to watch it as it walks along its path, its destiny now in its own hands. “What is it?” people ask as we stand still and know not what to tell them. Some sigh, some mutter ‘nice’, others just turn and walk away, lost in a self-created labyrinth of cul-de-sacs, dead end streets, and black, blind walls. Many go back to their two-thumbed clicking and surf the networks, bereft of the imagination to see and explore that which has been thrust fresh before them, this new-born babe beautiful in its swaddling clothes, a new creation.

Comment: The photograph … a geranium against the snow. Truth and beauty can survive even the hardest winters. As true creative artists we must be prepared to fight for our creative ideals. When the skies seem to be at their darkest (see my recent posts Poem from the Cree, Co-[vidi]-s and Outrageous Fortune) that is when we must strive to re-create the light, not just for ourselves, but for others as well.  

17 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. You get tired of fighting for your expression sometimes. But there are those who may be offended by your voice, often not the deepest of creatives non-the less these can be the most successful. Interesting post…

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    • You have written just what I feel about myself. I am an academic by training and it took me years to write academia out of my system. Alas, it’s still in there! Thank you for visiting and glad you liked ‘lost’! Some misses and some hits, I guess!!!

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      • I don’t see a miss yet. 🙂 And I have the opposite challenge, I road on the pure creativity cape and now putting in the academic requirements. Let’s not allow others to extinguish our fires using what we seek to expand though!

        And you are welcome regarding the visit, I look forward to reading more!

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      • Thank you. Oh the academy! Now that’s a hit and ‘sorry, miss’ system! I was in there from 1963-66 (student) and 1967-2009 in various forms of facilitator. I never saw myself as a teacher. Allow (and help) students to discover for themselves and they don’t need so-called ‘teachers’ any more! A good teacher makes him / her self redundant!

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      • “A good teacher makes him / her self redundant!” I heart this comment till the end of time Roger!!!!

        I will say, there are alot of people who answered the teaching call, who should put the phone down. Lol. Find their true gift. Hopefully you have now…

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  2. I love your skill with words. I just wish I had more time to be creative both painting and writing. I was an unhappy accountant for many years. Now I’m happy doing work I’m passionate about but now the business side can dominate. With current circumstances, homeschooling three children it is impossible unless we restrict the curricular to a new timetable of creative story writing in the morning and art class in the afternoon 😅

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    • Thank you so much, Neil. We must put the shadows behind us and walk in the brightness of creativity. Well, I must anyway. Less brooding and more enlightenment along the way. Many thanks for your enthusiastic comment. Much appreciated.


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