Reyes 2019




On the night of January 5 – 6, The Three Wise Men, Los Reyes Magos in Spanish, visit all the children in the world as they travel to Bethlehem. They bear gifts to these children and January 6 is a time of visitors and gifts.

First: the visitors. Three deer walked out of the woods this morning (6 Jan 2017). They paraded in front of the garage, luckily we had the door open, and equally luckily, I was able to get these photos of them.


This is the lead deer. At this stage, the road was empty and I hadn’t been seen.


The camera’s click sounded the alarm. The deer froze … and so did I. We gazed at each other for several seconds. I was afraid to move.


I took another photo. The feet picked up as the camera clicked and away the deer went.


Baby came last, but didn’t stay long.


Up went the tail and away baby sped. Wapiti, White-tailed deer, tail in the air.

After the visitors, came the gifts.

Below is a link to my first Poetry book of 2008: Iberian Interludes. It arrived just in time for Reyes … the little boy that still dwells within this old man’s heart is delighted with his gift: the majority of my best poems about Spain gathered together beneath two new covers. Click below and open the box!

May you all have a great visit from the Three Wise Men (los Tres Reyes Magos), and may you all have a prosperous and joyous New Year, full of excellent writing and wonderful new accomplishments.

4 thoughts on “Reyes 2019

    • Very lucky. They walked past the end of the lawn, onto the road, and I just got to the garage door before them. That first one was looking straight at me. A camera: the only way I could possibly shoot a deer.


  1. Thanks for the story and aspiration, Roger. Today I think about the arrival of Wisdom, and what a git that would be to children all over the world, and their parents, and their overlords. Those Three Kings/Wise Men, weren’t they scientists? My best to you. – Jan


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    • We do indeed need those gifts. Actually, we have many of them, but either we leave them unopened in their boxes or else we throw them out with the wrapping paper or we discover that they break too easily or the batteries run down too quickly and then, like broken resolutions, they soon get discarded in favor of the tv, or the thumb machine, or whatever we are on that dumbs us all down to our lowest common denominator … wow … I think that’s worthy of a rant in itself. Maybe you have inspired me (again) Jan. Happy New Year and may the gifts of Christmas always lie in the stone you carve, waiting to appear when you call them out.


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