Heat Wave


I remember when I felt sorry for these poor creatures.


Suddenly, I feel jealous.
Oh to be up to my belly in snow.

IMG_0040 (2)

This is Canada.
Think cool.
Think slow.


It won’t be long
before we shovel snow.


13 thoughts on “Heat Wave

  1. We’ve been having a strange summer – very rainy, cool temperatures with an occasional blast of extreme heat. I surely hope you stay safe from fires! We’ve been watching California burn – it’s heartbreaking!

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    • Cloudy this morning, and we may have a T-storm watch on the way. Cool overnight, too.We have two fires in the north of the province and one, a little ore local, was successfully put down. Trees as enemies: a terrible thought, though it isn’t the trees, really. The deer are walking through our backyard, incidentally. That’s the view from the kitchen window! As for the burnings: we can only send thoughts and prayers. Those disasters are so devastating. Ice storms in the winter, flooding in the spring, and flames in the summer. It is indeed a Brave New World.

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