One Small Corner


One Small Corner  with its subtitle, A Kingsbrae Chronicle, is now available at CreateSpace. It will also be available online at Amazon in a very short time.

One Small Corner consists of 102 pages. The poems were written at Kingsbrae during the June 2017 residency of the KIRA program (Kingsbrae International Residency for Artists).

My thanks and best wishes go out to all (too many to name individually) who helped me to write and publish these Kingsbrae poems. The three standing stones in the above photo were unveiled on June 21 to coincide with the summer solstice. They resonate for me with all the history of the standing — and Gorsedd — stones that occur throughout Wales (and Ireland and the rest of the British Isles) and are exemplified in Stonehenge (3,500 BCE).IMG_0067

One Small Corner has several linked meanings. In the above photo, taken by Carlos Carty (thanks, Carlos), I am writing in the one small corner of my room, so thoughtfully provided with a desk and a view out over Minister’s Island and Passamaquoddy Bay. One Small Corner also refers to the KIRA Residence itself, to the Kingsbrae Gardens with their multiple small and delightful corners, to Jarea and Holt’s Point, to the delightful sea-side town of St. Andrews, and to the Sunbury Shore region of New Brunswick. A more personal meaning is that of the one small corner within ourselves from which we write and create.

18 thoughts on “One Small Corner

    • Thanks, Tanya. It’s now time to get back in touch with all my friends and keep up with their writing and their posts. I am revising BISTRO right now and then I will publish Bistro Too (the second volume!). Might as well keep the hot streak going.

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    • Thanks, Jan. I usually spend more time on a book, but this one was definitely greatly aided by the residency. In time of days, it came about very quickly. But in time of hours spent on each text, well, I worked hard at it for many more hours each day than I usually do. A series of intense sessions. I can always revise it online if (and when) I get second thoughts.


    • I have tried to express myself as a creative artist (writer, poet, cartoonist, and photographer .. amateur all of them). The blog has evolved over the last year and I think (and hope) that I have evolved with it. Thank you for visiting.


    • Thanks, Janice. The thematic links that come from the associative field of meaning really can develop multiple meanings and open poetry, in the best sense. Once the words resonate beyond their normal meanings then we have poetry.

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