My front door stood open,
but I thought it was closed.
I tip-toed in and called:
“Is anyone there?”
Echo answered
‘there, there, there …”
then silence.

I walked from room to room,
startled by shadows.
I opened doors,
looked under the table,
searched behind chairs,
no one.

The house stood silent and empty,
save for the fear,
the silent fear,
that lurked
like a remembered cancer
and occupied each room.

11 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. I am amazed at how your words always remind me of my own experiences. I often have a dream where I wander rooms in my family’s home … my dad built it and in my dream it is always only partly built. Life is so weird.

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    • We all share so much. Most of us are very reticent and it’s not always easy to open up and share. Carl Jung spoke and wrte of “the racal subconscious” and these are the deep memres, the raial memories, that we all share. When we tap them for one, we tap them for all. As writers, we sometimes open up a private world that is publicly recognizable. I’ve never done a DNA test: we’re probably related, way back! Son of Adam: Daughter of Eve … I think those were the words of C. S. Lewis.


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