Words and thoughts
and symbols and images and
metaphors and myths
and all things missing and
some present in-between sheets
lined and unlined as a line of ants
crosses the kitchen floor
in search of sugar so sweet
these dreams where truth
and lies and smiles and
sighs seize highs and lows
and the light and
dark of a life as it might
have been and was perhaps
on another planet
in my darkest dreams
and my sharpest awakenings and
if I am dreaming then let me sleep
on and on and never wake up
to what passes as reality


10 thoughts on “Scribblings

  1. Oh to live in dreams… though I must admit, mine can be pretty weird. And I hate when I have them clearly fixed (or so I think) in my head and by the time I pour my first cup od coffee they’re gone. I hope your aches and pains are easing? And your hand is getting back to good form for writing!

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