The Sneeze


The Sneeze

it bursts forth,

I was painting at the time,
an imitation of Munch:
all those sad-faced
citizens walking the street.

The sneeze caught them
in mid-stride.
The looked shocked
and bewildered:
green, slimy eyes,
white-flecked beards,
yellow cheeks and chins,
tiny red specks.

Who knows in what
hidden fold of the brain
are great ideas born?

I smudged and smeared,
worked snot into paint,
molded sticky chunks
with a palette knife,
sculpted those so-sad faces
into wily coyote smiles.

“Genius, pure genius,”
the art critic cries.
I get full marks
win first prize.

5 thoughts on “The Sneeze

    • It’s a little bit gummy, but some times all those lumpy paintings do make me think of other things. I was also thinking about how competitions were won and lost … not always the best people win. There is a lot of luck involved.

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