Marshall MacLuhan


Marshall McLuhan

Black ants drip off my pen.
They crawl across my journal
organizing themselves
into marching battalions.

It doesn’t matter what each ant
weighs or means. What counts
is the accumulated weight
of all those ants. Just twenty-

-six of them: that’s all it takes,
as they divide and multiply,
shuffle their feet, form and reform.
All this jazz about medium

and message is meaningless
when internal organs start to fight
and the body’s civil war
tears me into tiny pieces

that the ants seek out,
reshape, rebuild,
and reconstruct into
new and relevant meaning.

23 thoughts on “Marshall MacLuhan

    • I think all poets an artists carry those little black ants within them. Patience and shuffle the cards, said Miguel de Cervantes. It is amazing what 26 little black ants can do … the English language ants, of course. Spanish and other languages have a different set of ant like figures who form and reform in slightly different fashion, as you well know.


  1. Wow.par

    Dear roger moor !! Your accumulation of black ants who are marching in wonderful ways and revealing ur all feelings belonged of civil war in your heart.most meanings are in these happens with every poet like marshall macluhan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • A week from Thursday? That’s getting close. Glad you liked the poem. MacLuhan and Northrop Frye were both at U of T when I was there in the sixties. They were “famous figures” on campus and we worked with their books in grad school, Frye in particular.


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