Five deer!



I glanced out of the bedroom window, and there they were. So silent. “Five deer,” I whispered to Clare.


We watched as they moved through the trees at the garden’s foot. Step by step, silent, slow, ears pricked, cautious, the little ones up to their bellies in snow.


They couldn’t see me as I took these pictures, but I am sure their sharp hearing caught the click of the camera. The one on the left is looking right at the spot where I am sitting.


Sound and movement surround them: the clicking of branches, the whispering wind. They are so careful, so cautious, so suspicious. We look: but we can’t see anyone out there. Certainly we cannot hear the neighbors’ dogs.


There must be something, there. They start to turn. Will they go back the way they have come?


No: they continue to the road and we catch a last glimpse of them through thin branches as they prepare to cross the tarmac and vanish into the deeper woods beyond.

9 thoughts on “Five deer!

    • Not really, Mr. Cake. We are only ten minutes from the centre of Fredericton (provincial capital), and the school bus runs past our house. We are slightly off the beaten track, but not enormously so. I was talking with my neighbor yesterday, His wife spotted them and called him … and that’s when he saw them and they heard him. They are all looking at his house on the other side of the trees. So we are not isolated, not by any means.


    • Thank you, Lola. We were lucky to see them. Clare went for the camera and then we started taking pictures. I think I got about 38 in all. It certainly made our day. The group come round regularly to eat off the bird feeders. We see their tracks, but we don’t often see them. You have a good day too!


    • They come to the bird feeders at night and we can hear them rattle the wind chimes. It’s much rarer to see them early morning, but they seem to be baffled by the deep snow and to travel more slowly. Twice or three times recently we have seen them coming through at ‘odd’ times. They are so beautiful: it’s a blessing to see them.

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