Snowy Day


Bleak Mid-winter
All About Angels

The reverse side of a tapestry this fly-netting,
snow plugging its tiny squares,
clotting with whiteness the loopholes
where snippets of light sneak through.

Black and white this landscape,
its colorless contours a throwback
to earlier days when dark and light
and black and white held sway.

Snow piled on snow.
The bird-feeder buried and buried too
the lamps that can no longer shine
beneath their cloak of snow.

The front porch contemplates a sea of white,
wave after wave cresting whitecaps,
casting a snow coat over trees
with snow-filled nests standing
shoulder-deep in the drifts

while a slow wind whistles
and high and dry in the sky above
the sun is a pale, thin penny
drifting through ragged clouds
that threaten to bring more snow.

Snowy Day
Meg Sorick

who misses the snow
and offered to come and dig us out.

1. View from office window with IMac and pencils.


2. Bird feeders and the mountain ash from kitchen window.


2a Same scene, two hours later


2b Same scene, another hour later


3. Back porch, bird table, and picnic table from living room.


3b Same scene, two hours later


4. Cat’s eye view of snow from Princess Squiffy’s vantage point.


4a Same scene, two hours later

IMG_0418 2.jpg


5. Princess Squiffy turns her back on the snow and seeks an alternate reality



6. We finished with 63 cms of snow (25 inches), plus drifting of course. Almost shoulder high in places. Other snowfalls in the province ranged from 70-80-90-100 cms. All in all, we were lucky. A wonderful neighbor came and helped us dig / plow ourselves out earlier this evening, and now we can get to the road and our driveway is snow free. Paul: thank you  so very much.

40 thoughts on “Snowy Day

  1. Dear roger !! Your poem is like a painting of snow fall.this is difficult thing for inhabitants but for me an will is to play with snow by diggin d snow.i have seen dt seen here in GULMARG-KASHMIR.dear moor !!where is dis place about which u have discribed?

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  2. Roger, I live barely a mile from you and it’s the same thing here. Snow, so that’s what that white stuff is called.

    Energy is the stuff of life, progress, prosperity and survival, and our PM is missing this snow in Washington DC. If he had my driveway to clear, or power supply to worry about, and survival, he’d rethink his carbon tax in the blink of an eye.

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  3. Wow! That is a LOT of snow! Not sure I could manage that all by myself. Hmmm, rethinking my offer… 😀 Oh but it is lovely to have some forced hibernation, says I from the place of sunshine and temperatures in the 40’s. I do hope the power stays on and that the fire is going and you both have plenty to read and to work on for the duration! Sending love and best wishes! (I’m off to an appointment, presently, be back later…)

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    • Certainly warm at present with the old fire place going a treat. I do hope we don’t lose power. The storm that hit the Acadian Peninsula has left us all a bit spooked, I guess. As for tomorrow: let’s hope we get dug out by then!


    • Too true, Jan, though I may well do so (take a photo of the sunshine!), with grateful thanks, once this storm is over. The snow is drifting too, and the back porch is incredible. I’ll take a few more snaps later. We had one red squirrel burrow through and clear enough snow to find the sunflower seeds Clare had left out, just in case. We’ve almost lost the bid feeders now.


  4. A superb snow poem with great photos. I feel less motivated to take pictures in the winter (variety of reasons) but took a few yesterday sitting in my car and some through the closed window as you did…it works 🙂

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