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Alas, I have no new chapter of Here Lies a Soldier to post. I am moving the story back in time to the years leading up to The Great War. And if you’ve been paying attention you know how involved in the research I’ve become. Well, the trouble is that the extensive research means I’ve done little actual story writing! So in the meantime, I’ve found a post that I contributed to another blog site many months ago that I don’t think I ever posted here. I hope its helpful to the newer writers out there. Enjoy! – Meg

In this post, I decided to cover a grammar topic that I had to brush up on when I began this writing journey. The stories I write tend to be filled with conversation and there are rules to follow closely and rules you can break with impunity. That’s the interesting thing about…

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9 thoughts on “He said, she said… Writing dialogue.

  1. An interesting post. It does two things : (1) it shows the difference between grammatical writing and easy flowing dialogue; and (2) it gives sound advice on punctuation when using dialogue. Thank you Meg. I am sure many of my followers will find this useful, as I did.

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