People Poems 3


People Poems are dedicated to people who, for one reason or another, have distinguished themselves in my life. People Poem 3 is dedicated to Tanya Cliff who has supported me and encouraged me ever since I started this blog. Her comments on my writing have been most welcome and our on- / off-line conversations have led us in many delightful directions. More important, perhaps, in my post-cancer recovery stage: Tanya’s daily quotes from the Bible, some of them very apt [Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you. (ISA 46:4, NIV)], have reminded me of a faith that I have never lost. Thank you, Tanya, for your enthusiasm, for your encouragement, for the moments we have shared, and for reminding me of the power of that faith. Please accept this poem and this bouquet of e-flowers as my tribute and acknowledgement of my debt to you.

In the Cave
Brandy Cove
Gower / Gwyr

I do not understand these things.

I have had few visions;
no bush has actually burned for me.

Though I have sat in this cave for many a day
there has been no thunder, no earthquake,
and no thin, small voice has called my name.

I have only heard the wind and the waves
and the sigh of the sea-birds endlessly flying.

Who set the curlew’s cry between my lips?
Who dashed the salt taste from my tongue?

I will never forget the wet sand foaming between my toes
nor the cracked rock crumbling under my hand…

… yet I never fell,
nor was I trapped by the sea below.

Previous People Poem Award Winners include, in alphabetical order:

Meg Sorick, Pearl Kirkby



11 thoughts on “People Poems 3

  1. The depth of pondering that can be had, where the wild is…

    One of my defining moments as a young woman was at the end of a rock jetty, in the hour before a storm hit. The ocean was so wild that the waves crashed so violently against the rocks that they nearly tore me away.

    It was exhilerating…and humbling.

    I’d not thought about that in 40 years, until now.

    A beautiful picture…and might I add a sweetheart rose to Miss Tanya’s bouquet? 🙂

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    • There is something about the wild power of the sea: once witnessed, it never leaves you. I lived by the shore as a child and it is never far away from my poetry and my dreams. In Avila, land-locked, they talk about the interior sea of the meseta … a beautiful image …

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    • I have been trying to match poem to award winner. I thought this was a good one for you. A long time ago, in Gower, I was trapped at the foot of the cliffs by a swiftly rising tide and the only way out was up. I spent a night in the cave and came down next day. The memory has always stayed with me, as you can well imagine. I am sure you pick up all the poem’s echoes and resonances … thanks for being here. You well merit your award.

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