Thank you so much, Pearl.

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Because I love books. But my nightstand has been empty of nighttime books for beddy-bye reading. And then this lil’ parcel comes in the mail. Three little chap books. Poetry. Prose. By Roger Moore.

I was going to wait ’til bedtime, but I couldn’t resist. It’s September and a book All About Angels is fitting.

“He arrived in a fanfare of colour

blessing the world with a rainbow

oranges and lemons

suspended in water….

…when he left us

our world turned upside down…”

 . . . s – i – g – h . . .


All About Angels ©2009 by Roger Moore.All About Angels ©2009 by Roger Moore.

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5 thoughts on “Three little books = ‘Beddy-bye’ reading!

  1. Lovely name of beddy-bye.i m too crazy of books bt old indian n russian n some europian books.after reading den ,automatically good sleepings come in my eyes.i m glad to know about of ur liking d books.dear.sir -i think dt books r best friends for alls.about of book of angels we will try to read.coz d name n poem r intresting–i feel.

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