Though Lovers Be Lost 1-3 /7


“Though lovers be lost, love shall not;
and Death shall have no Dominion.”
Dylan Thomas 

Though Lovers Be Lost
1-3 /7


you were a river,
flowing silver
beneath the moon.

 High tide
in the salt marsh:
your body filled
with shadow and light.

I dipped my hands
in dappled water.


Eagle with a shattered wing,
my heart batters
against bars of white bone.

Or am I a killdeer,
trailing broken-
winged promises
for a forgotten
god to snatch?

Gulls float downstream.
They ride a nightmare
of half-remembered ice.

Trapped in my cage of flame,
I turn my feathers to the sun.


I lie anchored by
what pale visions of moths
fluttering on the horizon?

A sail
flaps canvas wings
speeding me on my way
backwards into night.

 A feathered shadow
fingers over my face.

 Night’s butterflies
stutter against
shuttered windows.

 Strange hands
reach out to grasp me
and once more I’m
afraid of the dark.



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