The Unexamined Life 1

The Unexamined Life 1

“The unexamined life
is not worth living.”

A philosopher’s life’s based on thinking,
and drinking, and thinking, and drinking,
and thinking and drinking,
and thinking and drinking,
and thinking about thinking and drinking.

He gazes and gazes at his navel,
every day for as long as he is able,
and talks to his wife
about trouble and strife
and the problems they have to unravel


But all is not doom and gloom
when a philosopher enters the room,
tho none can debunk
the size of the trunk
of the elephant stuck in the room.

As for me, I am caring and giving,
and although I work hard for my living,
I’d willingly share
with a friend in despair
half my cloak and a third of my living.

“Join the army,” the philosopher said.
“There’s no life like it,” he said.
“You get very few thanks
when you’re in the front ranks,
but it’s better than walking round dead.”

(To be continued … )

“The unlived life
is not worth examining.”

7 thoughts on “The Unexamined Life 1

  1. If we are intellectually honest, and few of us are, we will admit that we are ‘semi-literate clods’, as you so neatly put it. One of the best teachers I ever had, Erich von Richthofen (U of Toronto), used to say: “Every day I realize just how much I don’t know and how little I do.”


    • Von Richthofen. Quite a name. His comment is a bit like that comment, that ‘the more you give away, the more you have of it.’

      Several answers of course, but I am thinking at this moment of ‘compassion and understanding’.


  2. ‘Philosophy’, ‘thinking’. Those two words get me to ‘symposium’, a drinking meeting, and then to thinking about plurals. ‘Symposiums, or symposia? What if there are a series of them? It is not a series of symposia, but a series of symposiums.
    On my first entry into an english class, the teacher asked: ‘Sutherland, what is the plural of each of these words and expressions: ‘Teaspoonful? Cherub? Seraph?’ He waited expectantly, ready to dismiss me as a semi-literate clod.
    I shocked him (and the rest of the arrogant class) by getting them all correct.
    Unfortunately, I AM a semi-literate clod. There are times when I feel so.

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