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A straight line:
the shortest distant between two points,
as the crow flies, but what if it’s spring and the crows
loop the loop and fly claw to claw and wingtip to wingtip
tumbling up and down in an aerial game of snakes and ladders
with wind-thrown dice
un coup de dès n’abolira jamais le hasard
and a throw of the dice will never abolish chance
and is it by chance that their wingtips whistle in the wind
as they somersault over the house and tumble down
the tiles never touching anything, but carving
and painting the air with broad, feathery strokes
and oh the power in those oh so gentle wings …
… floating, flaunting their shiny blackness
like kites held back by the colored
li-(n)-es and strings that restrain them
even when released to their elemental sky-
-dance among cloud and wind


And what is drawing except taking a line for a walk
–and I don’t know who said it, but he’s probably
dead, so I can’t give him the credit he deserves —
but the pencil point, pen point, is a dog on a leash
sniffing the ground and following its nose,
here, there, anywhere the wind blows its magic
sense of scents and the pooch-world reduced
to a nose like a pencil point that draws the dog on …


“My ambition,” said Henri Matisse,
as he wielded his scissors,
“is to liberate color, to make it serve
both as form and content.”
I too am content with colors and a line
attached to a wandering dog
and my spirit unleashed
to make colors flourish and flow
wherever they want my mind to go.


6 thoughts on “Li-(n)-es

  1. Now that is a great subject for a cartoon and a blog … talk about borrowing. “Je le prends où je le trouve” Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (aka Molière) on originality. “I take it from where I find it. The Renaissance was not as keen on originality as we seem to be and imitation was indeed the very best form of flattery.


  2. ‘taking a line for a walk.’ love it.
    I (at about the age of 14) once had a neighbour who kept pigeons. He put them into a basket on the back of his bike and took them off to the railway station for a journey, and then release. Something went wrong one saturday, as he arrived back home with his pigeons still in the basket. I was brash and stupid enough to ask him if he had taken his pigeons for a bike ride. He was not amused.
    If he could have caught me….

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  3. Roger, I didn’t get the li.(n).es. What lies?
    I think you must be familiar with L. S, Lowery’s paintings of Manchester, Salford. Your art reminds me of his. You should compile them and publish them, simple as they are. They are ‘yours’.

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    • I am thinking of doing this. I thought a black and white compilation originally (self publish) and then maybe a color one if someone came up with interest and / or cash. We’ll see. Thanks for the pat on the back. As for the li-(n)-es: all conversion of third and fourth dimension to a two dimensional frame is technically a lie; hence li-(n)-es.


      • Roger, You can do either or both, black and white, and colour on createspace. I did this with at least four of my books.


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