Balloon lady


On a day like today, with heavy rain depressing the damp washing as it clings to Clare’s clothesline, I do not have the heart to write. I do not want my own weather-bound summer sadness to arrive at your heart and make you sad. Today, then, I will place a happier dream before you and invite you into the mysterious yet joyous world created by the balloon lady who lives in a plastic castle in the main square in Oaxaca. From here, she sells dreams to young children who purchase her colored balloons on their birthdays.

Release your sadness, she tells them. Let it rise into the skies and sail beyond the clouds that surround you. May your tears and fears take delight in the silver linings that fill the sky and may they find sunshine as they climb to their heart’s desire, the sunny lands beyond today’s clouds.


22 thoughts on “Dreams

    • Good question: but it occurs in fantasy literature, ghost literature, and the paranormal. It has a foreboding sound to it. A lovely sound, actually, as though t were gibbering gibberish, like a moon carrying a monkey / gibbon on its back. I always have to double-check the meaning!


    • It’s a golden oldie, rediscovered, with an up to date exhortation. Glad you like it. By a balloon, Mr. Cake. Fill it with all your sorrows and float it away, up, up and away… you’ll feel much better afterwards … and buy a party hat and a birthday cake (it will always be somebody’s birthday, if not yours), and don’t forget the candles … light them … and let your cares go up in smoke …

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      • Buried treasure is, more often than not, a case of understanding, recognition, and exploitation. Both of my yesterday’s poems were based on word sequences that started in reply to posts. Whether or not they are any good, as poems, is a different question. Only time (and a little more revision and polishing) will tell. There are genuine depths in the sequence you sent me: however, it is a question of recognizing and isolating those depths and then starting from them … a long, slow process, but then we are re-writers, not just writers. This brief response is, obviously, the seed for a longer, better thought out article. Rather than think in terms of a schism, I would think of a genuine debate about essential issues concerning the generation of writing. You have the ability to provoke deeper thought: this is a remarkable and excellent facet of your writing.

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