“What is this life, if full of care, / we have no time to stand and stare,” W. H. Davies wrote, expressing our need for solitude and silence. Sometimes we must just walk in the woods and be alone with our spirits. Too much excitement, too much Brexit, too much mid-terms, too much suspense, too much controversy, too much shallow thinking, too much knee-jerk reaction, too much emotion = too little time to be alone, to sit and think, to work things out for oneself … so, let the snow fall, let the drifts deepen, let the snowflakes accumulate.

There are so many things I want to do that I am not doing any of them. I must take some, make some, time to sit back and relax, I guess. The well is empty. It’s time to be on my own, to meditate, and to allow those inner springs to fill up and flow again. That may not take long. Woods, crows, cardinals, and the hushed whisper of falling snow will do the trick.

It’s been a long time since I last posted. I guess life gets in the way. A beautiful cardinal sat on my feeder this morning, but by the time I had found the camera, our family of crows had frightened him away. Here’s the last (of five) just arriving in the tree. He’s not as pretty as the cardinal, but he’s very stark against the falling snow, speckled too, in places. Vade mecum. I will be back.



9 thoughts on “Crow

  1. So glad to see you back Roger. What a great photograph! Your crow looks much more majestic than menacing and a perfect muse for quiet reflection. I used this ‘snow day’ to joyously fill a suitcase with brightly coloured Christmas gifts, then stared at the names alongside blank spaces.

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    • Hi Louise: sorry I missed you at the WFNB. Force majeur, as they say. I think I wrote and told all. I have another post up for tomorrow and will try and blog more regularly: too many ideas and not enough will and sticking power! Pierre and Snowball getting on well. They have paired up in the rocking chair. Looks serous!

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  2. Good post, Roger: I love the Davies poem. How’s this for a workaday observation on the theme: when I find myself standing and staring, I am usually in my living-room, staring at my furniture, wondering how this chair would look over there, and if the sofa would fit here…it’s a game of inches, a room-sized Rubik’s cube, a game best played with a maximum of staring and a minimum of shifting heavy objects. Perfect for a cold snowy day. Economical, too, as the rules state that no furnishings may be discarded nor brought in. What is this life indeed! -j

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    • Nice one, Jan, and thanks for the e-card earlier. Much appreciated. I do the same thing with paintings, rather than furniture. I have been moving them less and less, but I had a go at a couple today. Great fun. I am waiting for that cardinal to come back. Currently, just crows and juncos under the picnic table. I also plan what food I will cook!


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