Was it a total eclipse,
or just a partial eclipse,
that sky the likes of which
I will never see again?

I do not want to see,
let alone experience,
the mushroom cloud
that descends from the skies,
then swells up again
to embrace them,
leaving my ashen body,
a bleak, black shadow
on a brick wall.

Meanwhile, back in my kitchen,
in the lull before the storm,
I wait and wonder if my world
and all within it
will be eclipsed.

Click here for Roger’s reading on Anchor.

2 thoughts on “Eclipse

    • That’s wonderful Dana. Thank yo so much. I keep the poetry going on the blog and have enough for another collection. I’ll get down to it soon. I am working on a title. Also another collection of short stories and a book of Teddy Bear Tales. Lots of work to do!!!!! I like your Saturday posts too, so keep going with them.


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