Thursday Thoughts


Thursday Thoughts
22 March 2018


Locate the nearest washroom …  I am growing old. Maybe I am the only one who needs the consolation of the proximity and known whereabouts of this item, but I am so much happier when I have located it and know where it is.  For me, it’s part of the pre-reading, ‘scouting out’ process that I wrote about yesterday.

The other thing I should have mentioned: work out for yourself a simple relaxation exercise that helps you to concentrate and brings your nerves back under control very quickly. Closing your eyes and breathing deep, one in, one out, does it for some. When uptight, I use a simple exercise from my early piano lessons. (1) Shrug your shoulders, relax your arms and let them hang down, then roll your shoulders, forwards and backwards; (2)  shake out your forearms and fingers; (3) close your eyes and breathe deep. This takes about five – ten seconds.

A personal anecdote: the first time I was due to read a paper at a major academic conference (in Laval University, Quebec) I was standing outside the lecture room listening to the chatter of a group of friends. I opened my mouth to join in and … squeak … no sound … speaker’s block … my voice had disappeared.

I eventually found a washroom,  did a series of  relaxing routines, including this one, sipped some water, and just like that, my voice came back. I returned to the conference and was able to read my paper, five minutes later, without further embarrassment.

Such narrow margins between success and failure.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I have a phobia about public facilities, Roger. I think it started when I went into the gentlemen’s by mistake, vaguely wondered at the, um, “cute” lavatories, and entered the only stall, and was prisoner there after the door opened, shut and some decidedly men’s shoes were seen standing. well, fill in the blanks here. It’s just that sometimes when ya gotta go ya gotta go and I could have sworn that was where the ladies was located the time before!
    As for breathing exercises? We tried those when I worked at Hospice. One of our workshops to “help” us relax. Someone noticed my blue complexion and asked me what was happening. When I concentrate on breathing I forget to breathe! Just as simple as that. As long as it’s done naturally all is serene, but let me try to think about it and I forget I have to continue doing it while I think. Okay, I admit I don’t multi task well. It makes for an interesting life. I’ve learned to cope.

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    • Life happens! That said, by experimenting in advance you find out what you can, and can’t do. You know what helps, and doesn’t help. AND you may discover where the washroom is! Thanks for your contribution … and don’t hod your breath … in … and out! Roger.


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