St. David’s Day / Dydd Dewi Sant


Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus
Happy St. David’s Day

March the First, St. David’s Day:  and here, in Island View, the snow gradually accumulates and I can hardly see the trees at the bottom of the garden. A squirrel gnaws at the sunflower seeds put out by my beloved on the step by the sliding window so that Princess Squiffy, the house cat, can have her morning cartoon show, her Squiff and Squirrel, through the glass of the sliding door. Nose to nose, cat and squirrel, separated only by a thin layer of glass, stare at each other, like Roman gladiators.

Snow continues to fall. Softly, gently, it fills the hoof prints left in yesterday’s old snow by the hungry deer who come each night to empty the bird feeders.  Gone, all gone, everything that squirrel and bird have left behind. Seven deer visit us. They troop through the garden every night, moving from tree line to feeder along regular pathways trodden down by their hooves. Sometimes I see them, late at night or early in the morning. They cast shadows beneath the moon and startle if I move too fast and they spy me at a window. If I am quiet, I see their delicate muzzles, their long black tongues reaching out to lap up the precious seeds that will keep them going through this long, hard Canadian winter, a winter made even harder this year with its incredible changes, its highs and lows, its rains and snows, its fogs and thaws, its icy rain, then plummeting temperatures with black ice threatening again and again.

St. David’s Day/ Dydd Dewi Sant. In Cardiff, Caer Dydd, the daffodils blow their trumpets beneath already flourishing trees. The Feeder Brook, also known as the Black Weir,  flows steadily to join the Taff and the Taff runs out to join the Severn, and the Severn flows out into the Irish Sea, and that joins the Atlantic, and the Atlantic flows into the Bay of Fundy, and the River St. John flows past the end of my road to eventually join the Bay of Fundy and then the Atlantic Ocean, and now, on St. David’s Day, we hold hands in a great North Atlantic Wave and we are all united, from snowy sea to shiny sea. My day-dreams carry me back to Cymru / Wales, that land of song where the wind conducts the daffodils and their pale, brass voices are raised in a hymn of hope that all will be well, that their spring, that was once my spring, will join this spring, that is now my spring, and that sunshine and flowers will triumph and that brighter days will soon return …

Not that these days aren’t bright. A new snake skin of snow covers the ground and the old, sloughed skin gradually disappears as a blank, fresh page invites new footprints.  A new month, a new page, a new beginning.  The signatures of crow and squirrel, Blue Jay and Chickadee, cat and dog appear as if by magic in the garden’s autograph album. A mysterious finger traces those special words Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus and the snow continues falling, blanking out tall memories from my old man’s mind.

7 thoughts on “St. David’s Day / Dydd Dewi Sant

  1. Holding hands across the ocean – I love that. The March winds howled and roared like their best impression of a lion this past week. Whew! Some start to the month. Some lovely writing, Roger!

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    • “March: in like a lion, out like a lamb” … old Welsh weather saying. We’ll survive (for a little while) and that’s what matters. How we spend that time is so important. I love your new drawings. You’ve come a long way. Roger.

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      • Thank you, Roger. Writer’s block held me captive for a while so I practiced diligently in my other creative endeavors. I’m doing a bit of painting now, too!

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      • The multi-creativity is so important. We neglect it at our peril. Most of us are creative in so many ways. I love cooking. Cooking is creativity\: no to meals the same, unless you want them to be (boiled eggs).


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