Red and white markers
chased each other
along the S bends,
past the skunk lines
to the final straight
where a single space
awaited the winner.

I don’t remember
who won, nor do I care.
But I know we shuffled
the cards and dealt again
as we waited for sleep
to descend and bless us.

We fasted that night:
no food, no water.

When midnight struck,
we put away the deck
and pegging board,
and bade each other

“Sleep well if you can,
my friend,” you said.

“Tomorrow  will bring
a much more serious game
that neither of us
can afford to lose.”


8 thoughts on “Cribbage

  1. I loved cribbage as a child… I played with my Nan (God rest her soul) and she pretty much taught me how to play cards (I pretty much can play most card games) and how to bet on horses. Concerning the poem, it has The Seventh Seal feeling to it in the last lines

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