Funny Old World



Funny Old World

It’s a funny old world,
this word-world of mine,
where one day
I am whirled off my feet
and the next
my toes seem to be set
in concrete.

I throw the question out,
a bone to the dog,
wet food for the cat,
sun-flower seeds for the chipmunk,
but there’s no reply.

Only the crows,
black-winged monarchs
destined to wear
a weighty crown,
cry out their anguish,
longing for the day
when they’ll come back to earth
and rule again.

Comment: A golden oldie, really. What indeed does it all mean and is survival the only thing that matters? For many of us, including the cats and the dogs and the birds in the garden “munchies in and munchies out, that’s what life is all about.”  And indeed it is. Some days I just look at the crow’s feet on the lawn or those growing beside my own and my beloved’s eyes and “What’s it all about, Alfie?” I ask myself.  It’s certainly a time when I question so much: my values, my life-style, my memories, the whole of my life, where I have been, where I might be going, the things I have done and left undone. My thoughts err and stray like lost sheep and then I realize that really, deep down, it doesn’t matter. Whether I am here, or not, the crows will continue to fly over the garden. The crows will leave their little footprints in the snow, and whether they like it or nor, crow’s feet will continue to grow in the corner’s of the old folks’ eyes, in spite of all the beauticians and all the rejuvenating lotions in the snake oil promises of this oh-so-beautiful world.

7 thoughts on “Funny Old World

  1. Wonderful poem and post. I was on a permitted walk yesterday and saw a lone crow on top of a tv aerial and write a poem about him. I’ll be posting it soon when I’ve tweaked it a bit. And a bit more. And a bit…I refer to mine as a monarch too becayse of the way he was surveying the scene. Like many others I also love writing about crows. Ted Hughes did wonders with his work on this subject too. There’s something about them.


  2. Roger,

    I realize I don’t know how to comment on your COMMENT section. So here is my comment:

    Do not despair, my friend We’ll see this to the end “It doesn’t matter” Is simply patter From some ancient philosopher’s singing That since his time’s been ringing While we go about the chore Of recalling our own lore Enlightenment will follow The old song will then sound hollow As we wonder where the time went From a life, superbly spent



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    • That’s great, Victor … verse to inspire verse … there’s nothing better. Actually the film What’s it all about, Alfie was hilarious. I don’t know if you ever saw it. As for Munchies in and Munchies out, well … two of the highlights of old age!!!!


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